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Bone Necklaces  for goddesses, surf warriors, and kids

Get your tribal on, surf, dance to the Dead or meditate on the setting sun - whether you're on a big city roof top, a tiny island shore or a wave  - wearing one of my natural bone necklaces or chokers. Handmade, these - tribal, ethnic, beach hippie, cool surfer and chic - bohemian necklace designs are plentiful and diverse. From my ever-expanding treasure chest of natural necklaces, this island made bone neck jewelry features, one of a kind or custom sized, unusual bone necklaces for your entire tribe. Simple or richly textured, these handmade bone necklaces are wire wrapped, beaded and macrame knotted, displaying natural, batik dyed and antiqued, present day and old,  sliced and artisan carved, quality bone beads and pendants. With the exception of a Caribbean tumbled cow bone pendant, most are handcrafted from the remains of water buffalos who live and died naturally in India, African & Indonesia. They are both pricey and affordable bone necklaces and, for those with metal allergies, there are nonmetal necklaces. Amateur, professional & land-locked wave warriors, of all ages and from all over the planet, have made my quality & cool bone surfer necklaces, best sellers. They are rich in texture, fairly affordable and the pendant & beaded men's designs, are lacquered to endure salty irie rides. Adjustable or custom sized, they look great on ladies & kids too.  My bone pendant necklaces are abundant. The unusual pendants, meaningful and eclectic. An inlaid purple bone butterfly comforts a metamorphosing preteen girl. A carved bone turtle encourages a boy learning to paddle waves. A beautifully detailed bone mermaid carving, surprises an aquatic goddess. Surf warriors are acutely present wearing an antiqued bone arrowhead or Celtic knot. Yogis are re-minded to chant wearing the mantra - "om mani padme om" - carved in bone. And zen beach hippies surf the balanced way, wearing a black and white, batik dyed peace sign or yin yang bone pendant. Sexy chokers are all the rage again. My natural bone chokers for wave riding preteen girls are hemp macrame knotted. As kid necklaces, they flaunt a fringe of bone beads or a brilliantly dyed Aztec sun pendant. My sexy wide choker for free spirited, hippie women, features scrimshaw etched, artisan carved bone bees on a leaf. My chunky bone necklaces for ethnic, tribal & chic hippie goddesses, are textured with an organic array of carved & sliced, bone, antler, horn, coconut, red coral and other natural chunky beads & pendants. Artisan ceramic, tribal made sandcaste and recycled glass beads, give these bone necklaces a wonderful ethnic flavor. The beaded & macrame designs vary in length. Chunky, graduating and other long necklaces, express natural boho elegance. I especially love my one of a kind, carved bone necklaces that flaunt unusual bone pendants fringed with golden feathers, chiming sea urchin spines or handmade, old bone beads.  All of my Caribbean inspired  bone jewelry treasures are handmade in a hammock with Beading Bikini love & blessings. They resonate with the carefree, easy going and natural island vibes of Vieques.  Whether you're on a big city rooftop, on a tiny island shore or on top of a mammoth wave, these natural bone necklaces are guaranteed to connect you to your roots. So lose your shoes, spark a flame and dance with wild abandonment.

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