Handmade in a Hammock. Inspired by the Sea.
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Jewelry Collections  for goddesses, surf warriors and kids

Surfing is my island Guru. It re-minds me to go with my organism's barefooted & soulful flow... to float between the waves of ocean, of creativity, of breath, of daily "to dos" and to accept the inevitable tumbles with gratitude & laughter.  You have been surfing the web & have crashed on the shore of The Beading Bikini's colossal collection of island made unusual jewelry - handmade jewelry in, one of a kind or custom sized, contemporary tribal & ethnic, beach, hippie, surfer & chic, bohemian jewelry and  island  chic jewelry  designs.  All of this unusual jewelry is created, with love, in a hammock, on the beautiful beaches of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico & are inspired by her seas.  There is unusual jewelry for women, men & teens, plus there is  kid jewelry & surfer jewelry, for - mermaid beach goddesses, rich hippies, tribal animals, surfer yogi's, mom & dad, hip teens, tiny toddler boys & girls and, sometimes even dogs. This simple or intricately designed, pricey & affordable jewelry, features beaded, macrame, wire wrapped & crocheted - necklaces, bracelets, sexy ankle bracelets, anklets and, armbands or arm bracelets, earrings & rings. They are created with commercial, organic & handcrafted artisan - natural, glass, ceramic & metal, beads, nuggets & pendants and with, Atlantic & Caribbean caressed, ocean tumbled genuine sea glass and ceramic & clay ocean pottery & tiles, sea shells, coral and more...gathered from all over the world.  And if you have metal allergies, there is large selection of nonmetal jewelry to choose from.  Float now & bask in the ocean of this trendy & unusual jewelry collection, created for, the beach bohemian or urban fashion, goddess or warrior, who connects, or would like to connect, with the rooted essence of muddy & sandy toes & with the clarity of diamond-like sunshine, glittering on waves.

Peace & Blessings, Jen

Shopping Vieques Island, Puerto Rito
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