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Handmade in a Hammock. Inspired by the Sea.

Jewelry Collections  for goddesses, surf warriors and kids

Surfing is my island Guru. It re-minds me to go with my organism's barefooted & soulful flow... to float between the waves of ocean, of creativity, of breath, of daily "to dos" and to accept the inevitable tumbles with gratitude & laughter.  You have been surfing the web & have crashed on the shore of The Beading Bikini's colossal handmade jewelry collections. If you've got all day, make a sandwich, grab a drink and get comfortable, and surf my all jewelry collection. its a combination of all my tribal, ethnic, hippie and beach bohemian jewelry and my classic island chic jewelry designs. Most of these simple or intricately designed necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, including sexy ankle bracelets, anklets and armbands, were created with love in a hammock on the beautiful beaches of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. They were inspired by her seas.  The upcycled and other new jewelry, was created in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina where I moved to after Hurricane Maria's devastation of Vieques. These designs were inspired by trees. There is beaded, macrame, wire wrapped or crocheted mountain and island made jewelry here for your entire tribe. Most is for,  tribal, hippie and other beach bohemian and island chic, women and young ladies, but there is still a fair amount of cute and silly kid jewelry for girls and boys, toddler to preteen.  And my men's sea glass and most of my cool surfer jewelry, is for men, surf warriors and land-locked wannabes. It is my best selling jewelry collection. Online anyways. (Thanks Ohio!)  A good portion of the ready made pieces, even those in my one of a kind jewelry collection, I've left unfinished so that they can be custom sized to your desired length or fit. Some are finished and a fixed size. Make sure to read the descriptions.  I used only quality beads, stones and pendants. I purchased them from artisans around the world. Some techniques and designs used in the making of these handcrafted creations, have been passed down through generations. Some of the artisan crafted natural beads, stones and pendants I combined with organic gifts I found beach combing along Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific shores and on nature walks through El Yunque rainforest in PR or the Appalachian forests of NC. You can find those creations in my natural jewelry collection. It's a large, all day surfing event too but, if you have an idea of what type of material your looking for, my bone, horn, coconut, gemstone, feather, leather, nut and seed, shell and wood, jewelry collections are smaller and take less time to browse.  If it's color and sparkle your looking for, check out my island chic, colorful glass bead jewelry collection. I wish I could break down this collection into colors, but the site is already huge. You'll find silver, brass, gold and copper everything, used in my metal jewelry collection. And beautifully glazed and ocean tumbled focal beads and pendants used in my ceramic jewelry collection.  Being sort of natural and sort of man made, the Atlantic & Caribbean ocean tumbled genuine sea glass jewelry and ocean pottery jewelry are each their own collection. These affordable, layered, men's, rare and unique pieces are all designed with glass, clay or ceramic tile "trash", that has been naturally smoothed by sand and waves on Vieques shores. If you have metal allergies, there is a large selection of  nonmetal jewelry to choose from. A lot of this collection features macramé jewelry, knotted without any metal beads or clasps. More recently I've added pages in the drop down menus, for you to shop by price. Jewelry by price, necklaces by price, bracelets by price etc. So take a deep breathe. Float now & bask in the ocean of these timeless jewelry collections, created for the beach bohemian or island chic goddess or warrior, who energetically connects, or would like to re-connect, with the rooted essence of sandy toes & with the clarity of diamond-like sunshine glittering on waves.

Peace & Blessings, Jen

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