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Ceramic Jewelry  for goddesses, surf warriors and kids

Ground your earthling energies wearing an unusual piece of handmade ceramic jewelry for women, men, teens, kids & surfers, designed with little inspirations, shaped from Great Mother's mud. It's eclectic and ever-changing this unique collection of earthtone and colorful, ceramic necklaces and sexy chokers, ceramic earrings, ceramic bracelets and ceramic ankle bracelets. The artisan ceramic beads and pendants, used in their wire wrapped, beaded, macrame knotted, braided & chained, unusual ceramic jewelry designs, are handcrafted from ceramic, clay & porcelain. The African trade beads & sandcaste beads are handmade from crushed glass powder that is melted. And the ocean pottery jewelry is handmade using Caribbean ocean tumbled, ceramic and clay tiles. There are tribal, ethnic, beach and even chic flavors in the bohemian jewelry designs, so some of the styles will appeal to the down-to-earth surf warrior, like my simple, and affordable ceramic bead leather bracelets. Others, like my clay & sandcaste bead long necklaces will delight hippies who love rich texture. And kids will giggle wearing my flower, heart, frog and turtle, boho creations, made with Peruvian ceramic beads and porcelain pendants. There is, so far, only one island chic jewelry design, but this silver wire collar necklace features an aqua ceramic pendant that looks stunning against white & flowing, dresses skirts or palazzo pants. And if you are on a budget, no worries, there is also a nice selection of affordable ceramic jewelry, and for those with metal allergies, nonmetal jewelry choices are plentiful.  

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