Natural Ayahuasca Wood & Ceramic Bead Earrings

Natural Ayahuasca Wood & Ceramic Bead Earrings

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Trippie ear jewelry for hippie goddesses or wannabes.  Unfold wearing these unusual & affordable, natural earrings handmade with exotic wood & psychedelic ceramic beads in a hippie bohemian earring design for women & teens.
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  • Natural Ayahuasca Wood & Ceramic Bead Earrings

    •  I found the flower-like natural wood beads, on these island made, unusual wood earrings, on a trip to the Peruvian rain forest. Each are a cross section are from the magical Ayahuasca branch. Connecting us with Pache Mamma, Mother Earth, the Ayahuasca plant heals in her re-minder that life is a continuous unfolding. 


    • These handcrafted Ayahuasca beads are lacquered to enhance the magical flower at their center. Using antiqued copper wire, they are wrapped together with square, green & sky blue ceramic beads and exotic tiger ebony wood beads, into tiered, long dangle earrings.


    • Along with the copper ear wire, their total length is approx. 2 3/4" long.  


    • The combination of the tiger striped, dark tropical wood, the psychedelic green & sky blue, of the ceramic beads, and the antiqued copper accents, gives these natural wood & ceramic bead earrings a lush & exotic flavor. 


    • They are not only magical, but affordable earrings that are handmade in a hammock, just for you, with the blessings of natural island ju ju.
Shopping Vieques Island, Puerto Rito
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