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Feather Necklaces  for goddesses

Tickle your tribal goddess funny bone wearing one of my handmade & unusual, natural feather necklaces for women.  You will have to imagine the rest of them because, this natural bone & natural feather necklace seen above, is the only one... so far.  But less is more, more or less.  And this is THE ONE!!  A gorgeous "show stopper".  The macrame necklace part of this unusual feather necklace, like most of my handmade unusual jewelry, was handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.  It is knotted with antler bone and artisan ceramic beads.   The carved bone pendant with the fluttering gold, quality hen feathers,  was added in my studio at home, with the fan turned off.  Feathers like to fly. Even the slightest of breezes, like the quick movement of your hand, will make them aerial. So, creating natural feather jewelry is a meditation in patience. And only a creation of winter, when on a tropical island, a fan is less needed.  This unusual feather necklace is a contemporary tribal & ethnic bohemian necklace design, from my bohemian jewelry collection.  It  is one of my favorite handmade natural necklace creations. Well at least it's my favorite natural feather necklace anyways! I have a nest of natural feathers, and a pile of feather necklace ideas roosting, for further handmade feather necklaces to take flight.  So check back often if this one has sold.  Island made this unusual necklace would made a great gift or if you are "shopping Vieques" and unusual Vieques souvenir for a tribal mama. It is only one of many handmade unusual treasures found in my feather and bone jewelry and necklace collections, here at So if feathers tickle your fancy, check out my selection of unusual natural feather earrings, there are more than one, promise. And you can flutter about in my natural bone necklaces too.


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