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Bohemian Jewelry  for goddesses, surf warriors and kids

 Most of the tribal & ethnic, beach hippie surfer and chic, unusual bohemian jewelry in this large and eclectic collection, is handmade in a hammock  on the gorgeous beaches of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.  The hush of the ocean, the nourishment of the sun's shine and the comfort of sand between toes, creates an awareness of deeper self, the natural & organic, raw goddess or warrior, earthling self. It is an inherent life force of freedom that resonates in this handmade bohemian jewelry, connecting me to you. Wear these boho body adornments, booted, flopped or barefooted, as a mindful intention to reconnect with the root of your spirit being - body, mind & heart.  Allow the exotic & tropical, bohemian essence of my - bone, coconut, coral, shell, sea urchin spine, feather, gemstone, horn, leather, nut, seed and wood - natural  jewelry creations, to whisper encouragements for creating what the imagination dreams. Surf both the enormous and the lapping waves of life with board, body and breath, wearing my best selling, cool surfer jewelry for yoga wave rider, beach hippies. Connect with the spirit of Great Mother's mud, wearing richly textured ethnic styles, from my clay, porcelain and ceramic jewelry or ocean pottery jewelry bohemian collections. Discover the chic beauty of even your most "trashy" self, wearing Atlantic and Caribbean ocean tumbled "glass trash" from my bohemian jewelry collection of genuine sea glass jewelry. Vibrate at your highest frequency wearing hippie chic and tribal boho styles, found in my spiritual or nature themed, metal jewelry, animal themed, kid jewelry or in my - grounding, stimulating or calming - colorful glass bead jewelry with bohemian appeal.  Delicate or chunky, these one of a kind, custom sized or adjustable - necklaces, chokers, earrings, rings and bracelets, including sexy ankle bracelets and armbands, are all unusual, all handmade and all bohemian. Flaunting carved, blown, fired & cast, artisan handcrafted & commercially made - natural, glass & raw metal - quality beads, pendants & nuggets from all over the planet, including organic beach treasures, found tumbling on Caribbean shores or perhaps, fluttering down from a perch or a pod in a flamboyan tree. Each piece is uniquely beaded, macrame knotted, braided, wire wrapped or crocheted, using a variety of natural & synthetic cords, chain  and wires. There is an abundant selection of nonmetal jewelry for those with metal allergies plus affordable bohemian jewelry for those on a budget.  They make unusual gifts with which to surprise a lover, to congratulate a friend or thank your pet sitter.  It is a richly diverse treasure chest of boho jewelry booty for your entire tribe - mermaids, goddesses, belly dancers, gypsies, hippies, surfers, yogis, warriors, waddling toddlers, curious kids, preteen children, women, men, teens, mom, dad and grand folk - and perhaps someday, when this website is done - something bohemian for your dog.  "Shopping Vieques" for an unusual souvenir? This giant collection of bohemian island made jewelry is only half of the handmade treasures found here at For all that glitters, check out my island chic jewelry collection as well.  Blessed Life! Jen