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Dance barefoot and return to your roots in this long pair of white bone earrings. Each earring features a 4 sided, long dagger bead carved by hand out of a single piece of natural bone. Arrow-like tribal markings that are antiqued in black are carved into each side. Perfect for a warrior goddess with a long neck and a preference for bohemian earrings with tribal style. 

Tribal Carved Long Dagger White Bone Earrings

SKU: earbn8
    • handmade bone dagger earrings
    • hand carved, black antiqued, long natural bone 4-sided dagger beads. 
    • No two are exactly alike
    • antiqued copper wire wrapping and ear wire
    • approximately 5" long including the large ear wire
    • perfect for festival, beach, and island goddesses who prefer long earrings, natural materials, and tribal style
    • part of my 'bone', 'bohemian', and 'natural' earrings and jewelry collection here at beading
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