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Get your tribal on wearing this nonmetal bracelet handmade with chunky and graduating white and black batik dyed bone wood and horn natural beads in an adjustable size design for bohemian men women and surfers. Quality beads. Limited supply. 

Chunky Batik Black Bone Nonmetal Bracelet

SKU: brabon5
    • chunky black surfer bracelet
    • nonmetal adjustable size unisex design
    • handmade with quality beads: round and graduating black and white African batik dyed bone, black carved wood, and long black horn natural beads
    • beaded on cotton cord
    • Larger/Smaller sizes will have more/less beads.
    • Additional cost for larger sizes.
    • avoid salt water, and rinse bracelet in freshwater if you forget
    • limited supply
    • handmade in a hammock
    • perfect for bohemian men and women who love tribal style 
    • part of my women's and men's "surfer", "bohemian", "natural", "nonmetal" and "bone", jewelry and bracelets collections here at
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