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genuine sea glass necklaces




Sea Glass Necklaces for goddesses and surf warriors

Need an unusual gift or Vieques Souvenir?  View all of my handmade, unusual and affordable, sea glass necklaces at once, on this page of genuine sea glass necklaces for women, men and surfers. These - affordable, layered, unique, rare and, newly featured men's - sea glass necklaces are available in tribal, ethnic and chic hippie bohemian necklaces, as well as island chic necklaces.  They feature both common and rare, colors and types of ocean tumbled glass, from piles of genuine Caribbean sea glass I have been collecting for over 16 years. There are wire wrapped single and layered sea glass pendants that hang on regular length or long necklaces made with chain and, there are adjustable designs, made with vegan suede and natural leather, that can be worn long or, as short as sexy chokers. There are knotted macrame sea glass designs made with nylon, cotton or hemp cords in a variety of lengths.

Many of these unusual sea glass necklaces feature super smooth drops of sea glass known as "mermaid tears" by sea glass lovers. Others feature unique pieces of jagged glass in unusual shapes. My rare sea glass necklaces feature hard to find colors of genuine sea glass, like blue, red, pink, mauve, gold, and of course, rare aqua.   And/or they may also be thick chunks of rare old sea glass, rare textured or even rare melted sea glass. My unique sea glass necklaces feature oddly shaped glass, like punts, bottle bottoms or bottle rims, or the ridged pieces of old "hob skirt" Coca Cola bottles. Or they might be smooth pieces of sea glass uniquely stacked into long drop pendant necklaces, like my new, sea glass fish necklaces. Some of these unique designs are tribal style, macrame necklaces. They are knotted with a variety of cords, like waxed cotton, nylon or hemp into choker, regular length or long sea glass necklaces, many of which are nonmetal necklaces.  Some of these unique, genuine sea glass necklaces are from my collection of ocean pottery necklaces, because I combine the sea glass with chunks of Caribbean ocean tumbled ceramic tiles and clay pottery gems. My layered sea glass necklaces are also pendant designs and feature one to three, pieces of stacked, common or rare colored glass, wire wrapped together with, or without metal bead accents. They might be all perfectly smooth pieces of glass, or there might be a teardrop of smooth glass, framed by a curved and jagged,  unique piece of sea glass. Some of these layered sea glass pendant necklace designs are made with adjustable vegan suede in hippie bohemian designs. Others shimmer on - shiny, matte or antiqued - silver, gold, brass, copper or gunmetal - chains in island chic designs. My newly featured men's sea glass necklaces are a hit with surfers, and wannabes.  From my collection of men's surfer necklaces, these genuine sea glass necklaces feature all different sorts of common and rare colored, uniquely shaped and old sea glass, on large ball chain necklaces, with large lobster clasp closures.  Size does matter when you have large hands and fingers... puns intended. Wet surfers and wet sea glass, compliment one another. Both glisten in sunlit waves...and both are smooth, tumbling over and over again.  And, for those of you on a budget, my affordable sea glass necklaces are all priced at $50 or under. They feature - brown, white, green and seafoam - common color, single or layered sea glass pendants on adjustable ultra suede or chain. 

These genuine sea glass necklaces are all handmade in a hammock on the beautiful beaches of Vieques Island off of Puerto Rico. They resonate with peaceful island vibes. So if you're "shopping Vieques" for a unique souvenir, in remembrance of your island get-a-way, why not order one of these handmade sea glass necklaces and constantly be re-minded of your colorful and de-light-ful tumble in the Caribbean ocean? They also make unusual and affordable gifts for those goddesses and surf warriors who perhaps, need the re-minder to take a vacation.  Island made these unusual necklaces are only some of my handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my sea glass, nonmetal, surfer, island chic and bohemian, jewelry and necklace collections here at For other sea glass jewelry, be sure to check out my sea glass bracelets and sea glass earrings and, coming soon are more wire wrapped sea glass rings.

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