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    Men's Sea Glass Necklaces

    This newly featured collection of men's sea glass necklaces is my response to those de-light-ful men who, while shopping at Beading Bikini Jewelry on island, ask that I custom size my sea glass jewelry to fit them. These bohemian and island chic, sea glass pendant necklaces for men are handmade with Atlantic and Caribbean ocean tumbled glass, that I have been collecting for over 16 years. Specifically designed with guys in mind, are my new sea glass surfer necklaces, featuring a simple glass pendant on chain. Those with layered sea glass pendants on cord, are from my ever-changing collections of genuine sea glass necklaces for both men and women. 

    These men's sea glass necklaces, are handmade with commonly found colors of sea glass, like white, gold, brown, green and seafoam and with harder to find colors like aqua, blue, gray and olive or chartreuse green. The unique sea glass necklaces for men feature ocean worn bottle tops, bottoms, rims and unusual wine bottle punts that look like gumdrops. Some are rare sea glass necklaces because they are made with rare colors of glass, chunky old sea glass or mysteriously melted sea glass.  Most of my new men's surfer necklaces, for beach chic bohemians, feature sea glass pendants made with a single piece of glass that hangs from antiqued - copper, brass or silver - ball chain.  Because size does matter, these 18" cool  men's sea glass necklaces are finished with a chunky lobster claw closure, so that men with big hands and fingers can open the clasp easily. Some perfectly smooth sea glass pendants may be decoratively wrapped with antiqued wire.  Other pendants hang from a simple ring. The beach style, nonmetal necklaces for those surf warriors with metal allergies, feature old thick glass on adjustable leather.  On my boho style, layered sea glass necklaces for hippie men, stacked and wire wrapped glass pendants hang from cords that adjusts to compliment any neckline or desired length. Some pendants feature 2 pieces of  perfectly smooth and similar shaped sea glass while others might feature, smooth glass framed by a curved piece of jagged, "unfinished" glass, that is unusual and eye-catching.  Many of these men's layered pendant designs are affordable sea glass necklaces, priced below $50.  My men's island chic designs are long sea glass necklaces, handmade with unusual rock size chunks of rare old sea glass or with rare melted sea glass, on long chains. Some of these long necklaces feature two bottle rim halves, copper wire wrapped together into a unique pendant that hangs from either a long copper chain or an adjustable, natural leather cord. 

    Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, these men's sea glass necklaces resonate with de-light-ful island ju ju.  They make affordable  gifts, or if "shopping Vieques", perfect island made unusual Vieques souvenirs, for chic, hippie, tribal and surf - warriors or wannabes. These unusual necklaces are only a few of my handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my sea glass, surfer, natural, nonmetal, island chic and bohemian, jewelry and necklace collections, here at And if you'd rather wear sea glass on your arm, check out my sea glass bracelets, which can be custom sized for your wrist.

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