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Chic mermaid goddess neck jewelry. Feeling blue? Tumble along wearing this gorgeous, one of a kind & unusual rare ocean pottery necklace for women & teens handmade ceramic tiles, in a chic hippie bohemian necklace design.

Rare Blue Ceramic Macrame Ocean Pottery Necklace

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$165.00 Regular Price
$115.50Sale Price
    • A personal favorite, this unusual ocean pottery necklace or tumbled tile necklace, was created from a 17 year collection of Atlantic & Caribbean tumbled, clay tile, referred to by beach combers as ocean pottery.


    • It is a chunky ceramic tile necklace that features a handcrafted blue ceramic bead with a spiraling wave design and 7 rare blue ceramic ocean pottery tiles.


    • The ocean pottery tiles are layered and look like scales on a mermaid tail. Some of these chunky ceramic tiles have ocean worn flower patterns on them that I recognized from walls of older Viequense's homes.


    • The sky blue ceramic ocean pottery and bead are intricately knotted with durable & colorfast wax cotton cords into a Caribbean colorful, chartreuse green & aqua  macrame necklace.  


    • Because it is an unfinished piece it can be custom sized as a short or as a long necklace (16" - 22")*.


    • It has no metal components & will have a loop & bead closure, making it a non-metal ocean pottery necklace.  


    • Handmade in a hammock with the natural ju ju of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, it makes an unusual gift for a tribal hippie mermaid goddess or wannabe.  And if your "shopping Vieques", this unusual ceramic necklace makes an unique Vieques island souvenir.


    • From my bohemian jewelry collection, this unusual necklace is one of many handmade, unusual jewelry creations found in my long necklace, ceramic jewelry, non-metal jewelry, non-metal necklace and ocean pottery jewelry collections, here at


    • * additional fee for each inch after 16".
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