Tumbled Clay Tile Beaded Ocean Pottery Necklace

Tumbled Clay Tile Beaded Ocean Pottery Necklace

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Ethnic Hippie Goddess Neck Jewelry.  Tumble along, wearing this one of a kind, handmade & unusual ocean pottery necklace for women & teens, in a contemporary ethnic tribal, bohemian necklace design.
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  • Tumbled Clay Tile Beaded Ocean Pottery Necklace

    • From my unusual ceramic necklace collection, this ethnic tribal style, handmade ocean pottery necklace or tumbled tile necklace, was created from a 17 year collection of Atlantic & Caribbean Ocean tumbled tiles & pottery.


    • It is an unusual ceramic, clay tile necklace that features a graduating spray of 9 cute & chubby, earthtone clay tiles, each one unique. Some have patterns & all have a brass bead accent.


    • These clay ocean pottery tiles are brass wire wrapped onto a 16", double strand, tiny red clay beaded necklace, made of Mali wedding beads.  


    • This beaded,  unusual clay necklace, has a macrame loop & clay bead closure.  


    • Handmade, in a hammock, on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, this unusual clay ocean pottery necklace has natural good ju ju.  It makes an unusual gift for a bohemian surf hippie, or wannabe.  And, if you are "shopping Vieques", this beaded ocean pottery necklace, makes a wonderfully unusual Vieques souvenir.  


    • From my - contemporary tribal, ethnic, chic, hippie & beach - bohemian jewelry collection, this unusual necklace is one of many handmade, unusual jewelry creations found in my ocean pottery jewelry and ceramic jewelry collections here at beadingbikinijewelry.com.
Shopping Vieques Island, Puerto Rito
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