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Your a splash hit. One of kind. An Aquatic Goddess, style up in a carved bone mermaid necklace, your custom sized talisman. She's a mermaid pendant. Artisan carved and crowned, riding beneath a womens surfer necklace, a beaded garland of bone flowers. She's tanned. Antiqued like old bone. Nonmetal and natural. You flip her scales and find wonderfully carved details. Each side a unique personality. Like you, two. She's your lore.  Together you make waves for shore!

Carved Bone Mermaid Womens Surfer Necklace

SKU: nekbnbd2d
$85.00 Regular Price
$59.50Sale Price
    • My unusual jewelry treasures are handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, using only the best quality beads etc. On this best seller, a carved bone necklace for women and teens,  I use hand-carved and antiqued, quality natural bone beads.


    • The 2 1/2" mermaid pendant, the flower beads and the finishing tube beads, are all  handcrafted from the remaining bones of a water buffalo, who lived, ate and died naturally.


    • These carved beads and pendant are each unique and are double-sided. So, each necklace is one-of-a-kind, but reversible, so, you get 2 in 1.


    • Beaded using a durable nylon, brown cord, this womens surfer necklace is custom sized to your desired length. It is finished with a macrame loop and bead closure, in a nonmetal necklace design 


    • Island made unusual neck jewelry, makes a unique gift, a talisman or, if "shopping Vieques", an unusual Vieques souvenir. My unusual bone mermaid necklace, with bohemian style is quintessential for you - beach hippie, surf goddess, or wannabe, because your soul lives most freely when swimming in the sea.


    •  It is part of my 'bone', 'surfer', 'nonmetal', 'natural' 'one of a kind', 'best selling' and 'bohemian' necklaces and jewelry collections, here at


    • Additional fee for longer size
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