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Custom-sized for the perfect fit, a handmade carved bone sun necklace for beach hippies and cool surf warriors who prefer tribal style. This bohemian men's surfer necklace is beaded with quality tiger ebony wood and carved bone natural beads. It has a hand-carved sun pendant from Indonesia. Its indigenous design is similar to the sun petroglyph of Puerto Rico's Taino tribe.

Men's Surfer Carved Tribal Sun Natural Bone Necklace

SKU: nekmen42
    • one-of-a-kind
    • quality beads and pendant
    • 1 3/8" tribal style, carved natural bone sun pendant is a present-day carving with an antiqued, old bone finish
    • handcrafted in Indonesia but similar to one of the prehistoric petroglyph suns, carved in rock by indigenous Taino peoples on the main island of Puerto Rico. Their age, meaning, and "who done it" are unknown.  Live the mystery! 
    • The sun hangs below a tiger ebony wood natural necklace, beaded with plain and carved, antiqued bone pipe beads. and small black and white bone bead accents
    • strung on a durable nylon-coated wire 
    • antiqued brass lobster clasp.  
    • custom-sized from 16" - 22".
    • lacquered to endure your salty and irie ride. 
    • Handmade in a hammock in Asheville N.C. but inspired by Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, and Caribbean island vibes.  
    • a cool and affordable gift or an unusual  souvenir., if "shopping Vieques" or "shopping Asheville"
    • part of my 'surfer', 'natural', 'bone', 'wood', 'one of a kind', and 'bohemian' jewelry collections here at
    • An additional fee for longer sizes.
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