Women's Surfer Necklaces  for goddesses of all ages

Whether you're surfing a Mammoth wave or the great depths of your inner being, be blessed ladies on your next full moon ride, wearing one of my handmade womens surfer necklaces. Designed with my bohemian, surf goddess sisters in mind, these natural, ceramic, ocean pottery and metal, unusual surfer necklaces are beaded and macrame knotted using a variety of quality beads, pendants and found treasures.  Choose from an eclectic selection of sexy chokers, short, adjustable or long necklaces. Some are pricey, but there are affordable surfer necklaces for those women on a budget and there are nonmetal necklaces, with loop and bead closures, for women with metal allergies. This diverse and ever changing collection of quality surfer necklaces for women is new. It is chock full of more feminine designs, than those found in my men's surfer necklace collection.

My women's natural surfer necklaces feature beads and pendants made from water buffalo bone and horn; from exotic woods, tropical seeds and coconuts; from healing gemstones; and from ocean tumbled sea shells and psychedelic sea urchin spines.  Lacquered to endure your salty and irie ride, many of my women's natural bead, beaded surfer necklaces feature wood and bone pendants, handcrafted by artisans from all over the planet. The unusual pendants are colorfully dyed and intricately carved and antiqued to look old. Feel passionate in a red albutra wood pendant, or be zen wearing one of my bone pendant necklaces with a batik yin and yang or peace sign. Many of these best selling, women's surfer necklaces are affordable and can be custom sized for your entire tribe. My natural and nonmetal macrame designs are intricately knotted, using waxed cotton or hemp cord. Their unusual pendants are Caribbean tumbled finds, like chiming limpet shells, a cool cow bone, the flower of a coconut and more.  Nonmetal sexy chokers, in hippie and tribal style designs for surf goddesses of all ages, are macrame knotted with natural gemstones like green turquoise; with faux bone, like an aztec sun; and with hand painted natural horn beads. And if you like your natural necklaces long choose one of my long glass bead necklaces, or long macrame necklaces, beaded or knotted with Vieques, natural shell pendants.

Women's surf style ceramic necklaces are created with handcrafted African trade beads, with artisan ceramic pendants and with ocean tumbled ceramic and clay, ocean pottery.  My ethnic bohemian, women's ceramic surfer necklaces, feature hand painted, unusual ceramic beads from Africa. They are centered on one of a kind, green shell heishi or colorful ceramic, beaded beach necklaces with loop and bead closures. Sexy surfers love my nonmetal, macrame choker knotted with blue and gold trade beads. With tribal ju ju, it was originally made in El Yunque, Puerto Rico's rainforest. For hippies there are women's surfer necklaces featuring artisan handcrafted glazed clay pendants on beaded and braided leather. There is an aqua clay wave necklace and, if you're a boho goddess who loves to love, check out my green glazed clay heart necklace. Newly featured, are my one of a kind, women's ocean pottery surfer necklaces handmade with unusual pieces of Caribbean tumbled ceramic or clay pottery that were once vessels, bricks or tiles. Like myself, over years they have had their edges worn away, smoothed and re-shaped by a good old tumbling in sand. Lightly lacquered to withstand salty waters and to enhance their beauty, I use them in a variety of necklace designs for surfers.  Unusual ocean pottery pendant necklaces feature copper wrapped, red clay pendants hanging from adjustable and buttery soft, leather cord. One of my layered earthtone pendants looks like an arial view of canyonlands and a vibrant green pendant is a rare clay tile with an old design pattern. My hemp macrame designs are quintessential women's surfer necklaces.  These reversible, chunky ocean pottery necklaces are knotted with a graduating spray of cute and chubby tiles with each being unique in shape, size, texture and color. 

Caste a spell for the perfect swell, hippie surf goddesses, wearing affordable surfer necklaces, handmade with unusual metal pendants that hang from adjustable length cotton cord.  My best selling celestial moon goddess necklace features a goddess pendant cast from pewter. It nicely detailed with stars and moons. More metal pendant necklaces, in brass, copper and antiqued silver, can be found in my collection of metal necklaces and my kid necklaces.

Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, these women's surfer necklaces resonate with chill Caribbean vibes. They make affordable and unusual gifts, or if "shopping Vieques", unusual Vieques souvenirs, for bohemian surf goddesses, or wannabes.  Island made these unusual surfer necklaces are only some of my handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my surfer, natural, sea glass, ocean pottery, ceramic, metal, nonmetal, and bohemian jewelry and necklace collections here at beadingbikini.com. For the full ride, check out my cool surfer bracelets and surfer ankle bracelets as well.