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Shell neck jewelry for beach lovers.  Be cool, wearing this unusual, affordable & natural, long shell pendant necklace, handmade with old African glass beads in a cool surfer, beach bohemian necklace design for women, men and teens.

Long African Glass & Natural Shell Pendant Necklace

SKU: nekshbd16
$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Sometimes called "dog conch", Canarium's are white shells found on the sandy terrain of the ocean floor. This unusual shell necklace features a brass wire wrapped, cross section of a Canarium shell.  It is a 1 1/2"* pendant, exposing the internal spiral structure of the shell. 
    The 26" long necklace from which the natural shell pendant hangs, is beaded with old white, African glass beads.  They are strung on a creme colored, durable nylon cord that is finished with a macrame loop and shell bead closure.   

    This affordable shell pendant necklace is a best selling necklace.  It makes an affordable gift for yourself or someone else. It is frequently purchased by both men & women surfers, and can be worn as a  cool surfer necklace, but I would not actually wear it while surfing because in a tumble, it could slip over your head. 

    Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, this long natural shell necklace resonates the island's natural vibes. So if you are shopping Vieques it makes an unusual Vieques souvenir for beach bohemians & natural folk, like hippies. 

    This island made, natural necklace is one of many handmade, unusual jewelry treasurs found in my coral & shell jewelry, surfer jewelry, bohemian jewelry and natural jewelry collections, here at

    * Size of shell may vary slightly.

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