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Unusual gold ear jewelry for sexy gypsy goddesses, or wannbes.  Put your bells on and wiggle it, wearing these unusual glass bead & matte gold chandelier earrings for belly dancers, handmade with unusual gold nylon beads, in a gypsy style, hippie bohemian earring design.

Sexy Long Dangle Beaded Gold Chandelier Earrings

SKU: earmtgp26
$65.00 Regular Price
$45.50Sale Price
    • Island made, these unusual gold metal and glass bead earrings feature a matte gold teardrop bead that is 16 karat plated, and shaped like a Hersey's kiss.


    • It is beaded with unusual nylon wrapped, gold beads, with tiny round gold glass beads with gold flowers on them and with egyptian looking, gold tube beads.


    • They are sexy these long gold glass beaded chandelier earrings that are approx. 4" long. They might brush against your shoulder. Which is why they are sometimes called shoulder duster earrings.


    • They are new these gold metal & gold glass bead earrings, but since all of my similar glass bead chandelier earrings are best sellers, I imagine these will be too. They would look fantastic on a brunette belly dancer, or wannabe.


    • These bohemian style, sexy long dangle creations are handmade in a hammock, on Vieques Island, with gypsy heart and hippie love, as are most of my unusual metal earrings and metal jewelry. 
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