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Stuff your or a loved one's stocking with this rich pair of long glass bead earrings handmade in a one-of-a-kind beaded miniature flower garden design. They feature a variety of ruby red glass flower beads on wiggly stems beaded with olive green tiny and matt beads. The beads are bronze wrapped inside long teardrops made of lightweight copper aluminum wire. They are bohemian earrings that sparkle and are dimensional, not flat.

Ruby Red Flower Garden Long Glass Bead Earrings

SKU: eargl234
  • handmade bohemian earrings featuring a variety ruby red glass beads, 
    olive green, matt, and tiny beaded stems
    tarnish-resistance, copper-colored aluminum wire teardrops 
    bronze wrapping wire
    3 1/2 long including antiqued copper ear wire
    for ladies who like all things pretty, rich red and long dangle earrings
    part of my 'glass bead', and 'bohemian' earrings and jewelry collections here at 


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