Bohemian Nonmetal Macrame Sea Glass Bracelets
  • Bohemian Nonmetal Macrame Sea Glass Bracelets

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    Tumbled glass wrist jewelry for hippies of all ages.  Cool, nonmetal affordable sea  glass bracelets for teens, women, men, kids & surfers, handmade in a knotted macrame, cool surfer, bohemian bracelet design.
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    • Bohemian Nonmetal Macrame Sea Glass Bracelets

      • Each of these handmade in a hammock, colorful sea glass bracelets features a piece of Caribbean ocean tumbled, genuine sea glass.


      • They are knotted with a twist, using a fine cotton cord at the end of natural or colorful macrame bracelets.  


      • Each piece of sea glass will be different.


      • The sea glass macrame bracelets made with rare blue sea glass cost a bit more.


      • These cool & affordable, macrame friendship bracelets are nonmetal bracelets, with a unique loop & sea glass closure.


      • They are custom sized, so they can be worn as kid bracelets or as cool surfer bracelets, by sea glass loving beach hippies.
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