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New Necklaces  for goddesses, surf warriors and kids

My island made unusual new necklaces for women, men, kids & surfers, are not necessarily new. Unusual neck jewelry ideas pop up at odd times throughout the night or day.  They are usually more abundant around a full moon. They present themselves when mind is either completely relaxed and free of clutter, like after yoga or hanging in my hammock at the beach.  Sometimes they are welcomed when I am doing something I am SUPPOSED to be doing, but don't WANT to be doing.  Like taxes.  However most of my creative imaginings come in that tiny slice of space between sleeping and waking in the early morning.  Before blah blah mind has a chance to poo poo the inspiration, I hop from my cozy bed and shuffle into my studio and lay out the - sexy choker, collar, lariat, floater, or elegant long -  new necklace idea.  The design might feature Caribbean ocean tumbled sea glass, ocean pottery, sea shells, coral or sea urchin spines.  Or maybe bone, horn, wood, nut or seed, natural beads. Or handcrafted artisan ceramic or commercially made, earth tone or vibrantly colorful glass beads. It could be an adjustable and affordable necklace design, using a simple caste metal pendant, a natural feather or a chunky wire wrapped gemstone nugget. Or it could be a complicated idea, say an intricately knotted, nonmetal macrame design, or something asymmetrical or graduating.  IF coffee is involved, my creativity might explode with a bunch of other unusual necklace ideas or, with or without coffee, one idea might be all there is in me...and I'll go back to bed.  It depends on the strength of the creative spark and the ability to keep blah blah mind at bay.   These new necklace design ideas are neatly stacked in trays, for the day when I am not feeling so imaginative, but have the motivation to bead, macrame, crochet or wire wrap the bohemian or island chic necklace into its full expression... at the beach in my hammock, meditatively.  I have stacks of trays all around my house with probably around 100 or so designs waiting to birth. Having said all of that, a handmade necklace that appears to be new, here at, may actually be an idea from 3 years ago.  I like that my creative process is not on a schedule, as is so much of the rest of my life.  It is a re-minder that life is not  linear and that past, present and future is all right here and right now.


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