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Refresh and be cool wearing natural bone bracelets for tribal bohemian men, women, and surfers. They are handmade with chunky bone beads that are hand-carved with stripes. Nonmetal and cool these surfer bracelets are custom-sized for an adjustable snug or loose fit. Perfect if you don't have an exact wrist size.

Nonmetal Surfer Carved Natural Bone Bracelets

SKU: brabon5-6
$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
    • My custom-sized* cool surfer bracelets are handmade with chunky and hand-carved natural bone beads that remind me of worry or Tibetan prayer beads. 
    • The quality beads are carved from water buffalo bone.
    • available with small natural and antiqued bone beads or with larger white bone beads. Both are carved with stripes.
    • Beaded using brown cotton cord these nonmetal bracelets have a loop and multiple bead closure allowing adjustment for a snug or loose fit or for unknown wrist sizes. 
    • Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, and inspired by the sea, these natural bracelets resonate with cool, natural island ju ju.  
    • They are affordable* considering the escalating cost of natural beads. 
    •  If you are "shopping Vieques", these beaded carved bone bracelets make unique Vieques souvenirs and an unusual island-made jewelry gift for beach hippies, cool surf warriors, goddesses, or wannabes.
    • These unusual bracelets are only one style of my many handmade jewelry treasures found in my bracelets collection, and in my 'bone', 'surfer', 'natural', 'nonmetal', and 'bohemian' jewelry collections here at 
    • * additional fee for larger sizes.
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