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Chic shell neck jewelry for a goddess.  Sparkle like the inside of a shell, wearing this unusual & natural Abalone shell necklace, handmade in a island chic necklace design for women.

Brass Beaded Chic Abalone Natural Shell Necklace

SKU: nekshbd23
$75.00 Regular Price
$52.50Sale Price
    • This chic & unusual shell necklace features a long, slender natural shell bead that is handcrafted from the curved lip of an ear-shaped abalone shell.  The shimmering blues, seafoam greens, pinks & even purples, you see in this natural abalone shell necklace, are the distinguishing, iridescent mother of pearl colors found on the shell's inner walls. 


    • The natural shell is approximately 5" long and is centered on a beaded necklace made of tiny African brass beads.


    • Custom sized to your desired length, this chic abalone shell necklace closes with a beaded loop and aqua shell button.  The colors & size of the Abalone lip, on each necklace will vary slightly.


    • Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island Puerto Rico, this natural abalone necklace, embodies the shimmering ocean in front of which it is made.  It's chic design is a reminder that the simple things in life are often the most beautiful.  


    • A best selling necklace, it makes an unusual gift for a shimmering chic island goddess, or wannabe. And, if you are "shopping Vieques", it makes an unusual Vieques souvenir.  


    • This island made natural necklace is one of many handmade, unusual jewelry treasures found in my coral & shell jewelry, island chic jewelry and natural jewelry collections, here at  


    • Additional fee for larger size.
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