Chic Small Round Mother of Pearl Shell Earrings

Chic Small Round Mother of Pearl Shell Earrings

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Shimmering shell ear jewelry for a chic mermaid goddess.  Tumble along wearing these unusual, island chic Mother of Pearl earrings, handmade with natural shells, in an affordable small earring design for women.
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  • Chic Small Round Mother of Pearl Shell Earrings

    • Natural shell earrings featuring double-sided, glossy, small and round beads, handcrafted from the iridescent interior of a shell. This shimmering interior of a shell is its Mother of Pearl, or MOP. The MOP of these small shell earrings is creamy with a bit of the shell's dark exterior visible. 


    • Beaded with gold bead accents, these round mother of pearl earrings measure 1 1/4" long, including the plated gold ear wire & hammered stem. 


    • Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, they embody the peaceful vibes of the Caribbean Ocean, in front of which they were made. They are an simple design and are some of my best selling earrings.


    • Affordable these mother of pearl earrings  make an inexpensive gift, or if "shopping Vieques", an unusual Vieques souvenir, for a chic island goddess or wannabe, who likes a bit of shimmer but a subtle design.


    • Island made, this pair of natural earrings is one of many handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my shell, natural & island chic, necklace & jewelry collections  here at