Chic Polka Dot Teardrop Brushed Silver Earrings

Chic Polka Dot Teardrop Brushed Silver Earrings

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Metal ear jewelry for a chic goddess.  Get silly wearing this pair of unusual and  affordable, silver polka dot earrings, handmade in an island chic, small teardrop earring design.
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  • Chic Polka Dot Teardrop Brushed Silver Earrings

    • These unusual silver earrings feature small teardrop beads shaped from silver plated metal that has a chic brushed finish. The cut-out polka dot design gives them a playful and carefree flavor and makes them lightweight.


    • From the top of the silver plated ear wires, these funny but chic silver polka dot  earrings measure 1 1/2" long. 


    • Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, they resonate with the island's playful spirit.


    • Affordable silver earrings they make an inexpensive gift, or if you are "shopping Vieques", an affordable Vieques souvenir for a goddess who enjoys life, loves polka dots and small earrings.


    • Island made this pair of unusual earrings are only one of many handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my silver metal and island chic, jewelry & earring collections here at