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Chic Neck Jewelry for a 70's chic Goddess.   Be em-POWered by this one of a kind, & unusual, natural Carnelian stone necklace for women & teens, handmade with a red gemstone dagger in a 70's chic island fashion necklace design.

Chic Carnelian Dagger Natural GemStone Necklace

SKU: nekstwp17b
$55.00 Regular Price
$38.50Sale Price
    • This island made unusual gemstone necklace features a gorgeous long & beveled, polished Carnelian stone dagger pendant.  


    • Included here are a couple of pictures, so you can see the possible color variations in the gemstone dagger necklace you will receive.


    • Most are a rich earthy red color. Some are a transparent golden orange. And some of these Carnelian dagger pendants also have stripes of white in them. All are gorgeous. 


    • The stimulating effect of their "hot" colors, affirms the wisdom of ancient & indigenous cultures that, these Carnelian stones will "fire you up"!  I mean just look at this Carnelian stone pendant necklace. It's no wonder why they are considered the stones of leaders.  They've got POWer. Wearing it, will motivate you, enhance your passion and give you courage, like the sheild-like, dagger shape suggests. 


    • The natural stone pendant measures 3" in length, has a gentle weight to it and has a glossy shine.


    • It is wrapped with raw brass wire, on to a sexy gold wire collar necklace.


    • The 1/8" wide, flat gold wire is curved for comfort.  It hooks at the back with a little ball and hole closure.  


    • This 70's chic Carnelian necklace is "hot to trot".  


    • Handmade, in a hammock, on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, with a quality pendant, this natural stone dagger necklace, resonates with passionate island ju ju.


    • It makes an unusual gift, or if you are "shopping Vieques", an unusual Vieques souvenir, for a chic goddess who loves to "make it happen". 


    • This chic natural necklace is one of many handmade, unusual jewelry creations found in my gemstone jewelry, natural jewelry & island chic jewelry collections, here at  
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