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Wood ear jewelry for bohemian goddesses, or wannabes.  Teardrop earrings are my best selling earrings and these island made, natural wood teardrop earrings are no exception.

Affordable Silver & Wood Teardrop Natural Earrings

SKU: earwd7a
$40.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
    • Handmade in a chic bohemian earring design for women, these unusual wood earrings feature rich brown and almost black, striped tiger ebony wood beads from Indonesia.  Wrapped with plated silver wire, these lightly polished, handcrafted, exotic wood beads hang from, and are framed by, slightly larger silver wire teardrops.  


    • Along with the silver ear wire, these wood teardrop earrings measure approx. 2 1/2" long. 


    • Each pair of these affordable wood earrings will be unique, because of the variations in the tropical wood grain.


    • They are handmade in a hammock, so are alive with natural island ju ju.
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