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Gift a pair of these tiny silver earrings to your girl and watch her relive the thrill of her first gecko sighting. These affordable kid earrings for preteen girls are handmade with nicely detailed tiny silver beads. Their small drop, island chic design is perfect for preteen girls, but they are best sellers with older beach goddesses who love the tiny lizards as well.

Cute Tiny Silver Gecko Earrings

SKU: earmtsp18
$30.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Geckos eat mosquitoes and other bugs. The adhesive-like pads on their feet make wiggling up smooth walls a synch. They watch me work, chase each other in play and sometimes, when caught by my curious dog, lose their tail. The tail's re-growth is the reason geckos symbolize change and rejuvenation in indigenous cultures.

    • tiny, shiny, and chic, small silver earrings featuring highly detailed silver plated gecko beads. The cute little lizards have wiggly bodies and bulbous toes. 
    • 1 1/4" long including the silver plated ear wire
    • lightweight kid earrings for preteen girls. 
    • handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
    • affordable gift or Vieques souvenir
    • for nature goddesses who love critters and simple small drop earrings
    • part of my 'silver', 'metal', 'kid' and 'island chic' earrings and jewelry collections here at
    • also available in gold
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