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New Jewelry  for goddesses, surf warriors and kids

Creating new jewelry brings me such satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment.  It rids me of the nervous excitement that a creative idea, not yet manifested, creates in the body.  That same feeling a kid has on Christmas eve, or during Hanukkah, when life sparkles with surprise. Almost every time after making, say a pair of island chic, new earrings or new rings, mind says "I want this feeling to last forever so, on Monday make new necklaces, on Tuesday, new bracelets....".   It is ridiculously funny, now that I notice mind's obsessive desire to hold on to pleasure.  It's like a song on repeat.  Mind loves taking control of the creative process, trying to make that feel good, spontaneous spark a constant. Package it up in a neat little formula. But creativity can't be "scheduled". It's oozing or it isn't.  Living on island and exposed to the sky all of the time, I have noticed however, that the natural order of my creative process is cyclical and coincides with the moon's travel. Anywhere between a new moon and a full moon, i can produce a whole pile of new jewelry.  It's usually something bohemian, natural and sexy, like wire wrapped armbands, beaded anklets or ankle bracelets. Something one might wear to a full moon bonfire. When the moon is waning, it's light diminishing, ideas seem to be abundant, but the physical drive to actually create those imagined treasures, is lacking and I am lucky to make one piece of new unusual jewelry. But, of course, now that I've laid out my creative  process in neat little words, it will all change.

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