Moon Goddess Metal Pendant Surfer Necklace

Moon Goddess Metal Pendant Surfer Necklace

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Hippie bohemian neck jewelry for beach & surf goddesses.  Be empowered, wearing this unusual & affordable, celestial moon goddess necklace, handmade with a pewter metal pendant in a women's surfer necklace design.
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    • The cool pendant on this unusual metal necklace is a celestial goddess made from pewter.  Pewter is an alloy made of tin, copper and sometimes silver.  It is heavy and has a gray finish.  The weighty pewter metal is balanced by the light & lofty moon and star, celestial theme, of the pewter goddess pendant. 


    • It is the perfect pendant for a women's surfer necklace.  This small and, surprisingly heavy, celestial moon goddess measures 1 1/2" long.  With arms raised over her head, she swings from an adjustable brown cotton cord.  Pulling the cord expands the necklace to fit over your head and, pulling on the silver end beads, shortens it to your desired length.  So, you can wear this metal pendant necklace short or, as a long necklace.


    • Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, this moon goddess necklace, resonates with natural island vibes.  It also resonates with your wallet.  Being an affordable surfer necklace it makes it an inexpensive  gift or, if you are shopping Vieques, an unusual Vieques souvenir, for a beach bohemian surf goddess.


    • This unusual necklace is one of many handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my metal jewelry,surfer jewelry and bohemian jewelry collections, here at  
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