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Shopping Vieques for an unusual souvenir? Refresh your ethnic roots wearing this handmade & unusual, chunky long bone & coconut necklace for women in an ethnic bohemian necklace design.

Long Chunky Natural Bone & Coconut Wood Necklace

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$66.50Sale Price
  • This long natural necklace is handmade with a beautiful combination of brass metal and, exotic & chunky natural beads.  It is a natural coconut necklace beaded with antiqued brass filagree beads and with natural, irregularly round, OLD chunky bone beads, handmade in Africa.  So it is also a natural bone necklace. The lightweight brass & the African chunky bone beads are highlighted by clusters of natural coconut disk beads. The natural coconut beads are made from the wood-like, hardened shell of a coconut. Their dark brown coloring indicates the coconut used to make the beads, was an mature old coconut.  (It also means that the coconut water & meat is sweet!)  

    Historically, both of these natural beads, were some of the first materials used in tribal jewelry making. The combination of the brass filagree beads, the creme & brown natural bone beads and the dark brown coconut wood beads,  makes this contemporary ethnic, beaded long chunky necklace very grounding.
    The quality beads on this long natural wood necklace, are strung on a durable, nylon coated wire and the unusual necklace, is finished with a antiqued brass chain.  It is a 30" long necklace, that easily slips over your head. 

    Handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, this one of a kind, brass,  bone & coconut wood, chunky necklace makes an unusual gift for a ethnic bohemian goddess, or wannabe. 

    From my contemporary tribal, ethnic, chic, hippie & beach, bohemian jewelry collection, this handmade necklace is one of many unusual, bohemian natural jewelry ideas found in my long necklace, wood jewelry, nut & seed jewelry, coconut jewelry & bone jewelry collections, here at  

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