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Recycled glass trash ear jewelry for a chic mermaid goddess.  Tumble along wearing a pair of one of a kind, island chic, seafoam sea glass earrings, handmade with genuine ocean tumbled glass, in an affordable small square earring design.

Chic Tiny Square Seafoam Sea Glass Earrings

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    • In sea glass circles, smooth gems of ocean tumbled glass are called "mermaid tears". These chic small sea glass earrings feature round edge squares of seafoam green, genuine Caribbean ocean tumbled glass.  I have never seen a mermaid, nor square tears. But hey we women all have our days where we FEEL like a mermaid, or FEEL like our tears are square. 


    • Anyhoo, these earrings are lightweight. The seafaom glass is wrapped with a gold plated wire. From the top of the gold plated ear wire, they measure 1 1/4" long.


    • Every single piece of genuine sea glass, is different in shape, color, size and thickness. For 16 years I have been collecting Caribbean sea glass. Digging through my pile of seafoam glass, it took hours to find 2 matching square gems, to make into these small seafoam sea glass earrings.  It is a meditation I love.


    • On island seafoam sea glass is not so plentiful as say white or brown glass.  Much of it is small.  Too small to drill. On lucky days I find seafoam glass with all the right requirements for jewelry making.


    • The perfectly smooth square on these seafoam sea glass earrings, are small, tiny even, but big enough to drill. And they match nicely. They are the color of an old coke bottle, which could possibly have been their past life.


    • All of my chic sea glass earrings are partially handmade in a hammock on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico and are hands down, my best selling earrings.  This seafoam pair resonates with the soothing green of shallow Caribbean waters, in front of which they were completed.


    • Affordable, they make an inexpensive gift, or if "shopping Vieques", a quintessential  and affordable Vieques souvenir, for a chic island mermaid, or wannabe, who loves pastel colors, who loves genuine sea glass and who loves her teardrop earrings, small and chic.


    • This pair of island made unusual earrings are only one of many handmade unusual jewelry treasures found in my genuine sea glass and island chic, jewelry and necklace collections. here at
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