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Feel harmonious in a handmade long natural stone necklace asymmetrically beaded with amazonite gemstones and tiny brass beads in an island chic necklace design.

Asymmetrical Long Amazonite Natural Stone Necklace

SKU: nekstbd7
$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
    • This 30" long amazonite necklace easily fits over your head. Its weight gives it an elegant swing. 
    • handmade with quality beads and stones 
    • featuring 8 round and polished Amazonite stone beads that are asymmetrically balanced on an elegant long necklace beaded with tiny African brass beads.
    • strung on a durable, nylon-coated wire.  
    • The Amazonite bead which is flanked by double brass beads, indicates the back of the necklace.  
    • Amazonite, the gemstone of integrity, has a beautiful milky blue-green coloring that is pleasing to the eye and energetically calming.
    • Originally made on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, this long asymmetrical necklace resonates with chic island elegance. It makes an unusual gift, or if you are "shopping Vieques", an unusual Vieques souvenir, for a mature goddess who finds balance in asymmetry.  
    • This chic natural necklace is part of my 'gemstone', 'natural', 'long', and 'island chic' necklace and jewelry collections here at
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