Affordable Small Purple Natural Shell Earrings

Affordable Small Purple Natural Shell Earrings

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Shell ear jewelry for natural  beach goddesses who love purple. Unusual & affordable, natural cowrie shell earrings for women & teens, handmade in a beach bohemian earring design.
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  • Affordable Small Purple Natural Shell Earrings

    • The natural purple shells on these island made unusual shell earrings are purple cowrie shells. Cowrie shells are used a lot in African jewelry. But these purple cowrie shells, they are unique.


    • They dangle from plated silver ear wires by a ring, in a simple, small drop earring design, that measures just under 2".


    • Each shell & each pair is different and their length may be a bit longer or a bit shorter.


    • Women love purple. It is the color of the highest chakra...the Guru...because it is the most vibrant of colors, one that reaches deeply in to us, with it's wisdom. 


    • These affordable purple cowrie shell earrings are handmade in a hammock and, like all of my natural earrings, they resonate a rich island vibe.