Affordable MOP Small Drop Natural Shell Earrings

Affordable MOP Small Drop Natural Shell Earrings

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MOP shell ear jewelry for a chic mermaid goddess or wannabe. Tap into your inner beauty wearing these unusual & affordable, natural mother of Pearl shell earrings, for women & teens, handmade in a chic bohemian earring design.
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  • Affordable Small Drop Natural MOP Shell Earrings

    • The beautiful irridescent inside of a natural shell is called it's Mother of Pearl, or MOP for short.


    • The small round & double sided, natural shell beads on these island made unusual shell earrings, are handcrafted in Indonesia from the irridescent - pink, gold & brown - inside of a brownlip mussel shell. They are framed by plated gold metal & irridescent glass accents beads.  


    • They are chic small drop earrings that are only 1 3/4" long, including the gold plated. 


    • I have been making these chic & affordable mother of pearl earrings for 12 years now, and they continue to be some of by best selling earrings, for goddesses who want just a hint of mermaid sparkle.  


    • And, of coarse, like most of my natural earrings, they are handmade in a hammock, with sunny island ju ju.