Affordable Blue Artisan Glass Macrame Bracelet

Affordable Blue Artisan Glass Macrame Bracelet

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Glass Bead Wrist Jewelry for Hippie Bohemians.  A nonmetal, unusual and affordable, artisan glass bead bracelet for women, men, & teens, handmade in a macrame knotted, hippie bohemian bracelet design.
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  • Affordable Macrame Blue Artisan Glass Bracelet

    • Knotted with chocolate brown cotton cord this glass bead macrame bracelet features a handcrafted, unusual artisan glass bead that is chunky, rectangular shaped and curved for comfort. It's psychedelic swirl of blue, purple & green colors are dusted with a silver sparkle.


    • Handmade in a hammock, this unusual blue glass bead bracelet is a nonmetal bracelet that fastens with a loop and glass bead closure.


    • It is custom sized and looks great on hippie bohemians of both genders.


    • And, for those of you on a budget, you'll be happy to know, is an affordable bracelet as well. Only 40 bucks.